Amir Kabbani

I was about 13 years old when it all started. A young guy, my first girlfriend left me, I was desperate. Sport was always a way to control my hyperactivity and distract me. When I was a kid, I tried many different sports, but none of them made me feel so good. One day I saw a few guys with their bicycles and racing helmets racing through our woods – and of course I followed them.
It did not take long and I was fascinated by what I saw. With shovels and hands, the boys managed to build a whole park within a short time. I stayed with them and learned not only what to do with wood and earth, but also made new friendships, and that was the beginning of a new era in my life.
Every free minute I spent on the bike or on the kickers built with the boys from our place. The distances and jumps became bigger and jumping was my thing … Since I had hardly any money, I could not buy inspiring films like New World Disorder, so I started to create my own tricks.
For no apparent reason, our spot was removed by the local authorities in 2003, but we got financial support from the city to build an official bike park – but the money was only enough to build a single track. That meant we had to take the shovel back in our hands. Besides the construction, I started my first small downhill and dual race in 2004/2005. It was fun, but nothing was like dirt jumping. So I focused on learning of tricks, because I absolutely wanted to participate in a freeride competition. Regardless of park, slopestyle or dirt.
In January 2006, the day had come that I switched from the amateur to the pros as second place in the homegrown tour. Three months later, I won the Cannondale „The Cut“ Slopestyle as a pro and everything went as I had wished. So I finally entered the world of pros and Cannondale offered me a contract.
In the same year, Tarek Rasouli invited me to the legendary Red Bull District Ride, which was the beginning of a series of important events. Shortly after, I received an offer from Oakley. I felt like in the seventh heaven. In 2007, I finished school and now I stood at the crossroads – going on with school or everthing for biking. After two weeks at school the experiment was finished. I moved to Munich to train in the famous bicycle hall. The training enabled me to start at big contests like the Qashquai Challenge. The world was not enough … which meant that I almost slept in the bike hall to train as much as possible.
The 2009 season started with a 1st place in a small contest and the success had to be continued … It worked! More than 20 contests with mostly top 3 placements followed. I was there, where I always wanted to be and can practice the MTB sport as a profession at the highest level. I love my life and am really glad I made the right step at the right time …
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