Rob J Heran

Born in Prague in 1981, the Wahl-Münchener loves the versatility of the sport: Dirt Jump, Freeride, 4X and many other disciplines belong to his repertoire. He is passionate about the youth work in „his“ sport and supports young junior drivers.

At the age of 14, Robert Heran bought his first mountain bike. This was the wage for weeks of work at a gas station and daily work after school at the isolator. The racing virus infected Rob after his participation in a dual slalom in 1996. This experience influenced him so much that he has remained faithful to the sport to this day.

Rob-J sees the Bike Youth Camp as the cornerstone of his career as a professional. He took part in it eleven years ago and at the same time made his first photo in one of the most famous mountain bike magazines in Germany. After driving 4X and Dual Slalom for several years, he became more and more a Dirtjumper, but never set himself on a discipline of the sport. „I came from the Dirt and Race to the Freeride. The full-bodied bikes have opened up a whole new world for me, „says Rob. This world fascinated him so much that he sacrificed his entire savings for a three-month freeride trip to Cape Town.

In 2002, the sympathetic all-rounder received his first professional contract. Since then, he has concentrated entirely on biking. A few years ago Rob returned to his roots and worked as a coach of the Bike Youth Camps. In 2007, he took over the entire organization of these events. „For me this is the best way I can give something back to sport. I will expand the Youth Camps in the coming years. “

Cosmic Sports supports Rob with the products of e * thirteen and Onza.


Rob-J Heran in Nepal

Rob-J in South Africa