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Early Rider


This is a company built around that spark of curiosity we’re all born with, the idea that if nurtured it can lead to a life long appetite for adventure and new horizons. For the past 12 years we’ve been working to get children independently mobile as early and as skilfully as we can so that parents have no excuse not to get their children out exploring this incredible world they’ve been born into. It was never about being a bike company, it’s just that the bike happens to be the very best tool for the job.


Seeker 16



Watch them reap the benefits from the unerring drive and immediate pick up of our four bearing cassette hub as they climb out of the saddle. Envy the lines they stick that you wouldn't pick thanks to the 2.25 balloon mud tyres that let them coast over bumps and jumps you know'd you'd feel. See their confidence grow with the Ritchey Logic controls and powerful, easy pull short lever V brakes. Let them hammer the trails in whatever conditions the weather throws - and revel in the fact that the bearings in the hubs, the pedals, the bottom bracket and the headset are all sealed cartridges, the greaseless all aluminium drive train and frames just needs a rinse and if they blow on the ride you only have to carry a bike that weighs in at just 5.8kgs.

MSRP: 449.99 EUR

Belter 14



Our newly launched 14" with a standover height of just 36.5cm allows the earliest of riders to jump on a bike with ease. Our lightest pedal bike yet and the first ‘kids’ bike to benefit from 2’ tyres and still be sub 5.5kgs, giving your little shredder confidence inspiring grip, comfort that encourages longer rides and the ease of managing a super lightweight bike. The best and most extensive sealed cartridge bearing set yet on a “kid’s" bike ensures energy sapping friction is kept to an minimum and with our award winning belt drive system, there is no onus on you to regularly clean up grease and grime to keep the bike smooth and free running.

MSRP: 399.99 EUR

Hellion 20



It reads like a Christmas wish list: straight pull CNC'd hubs, tubeless ready double walled rims, folding tyres (upto 2.6"), four bearing cassette, low Q factor direct mount cranks, narrow wide chainring, 11-36T cassette, external cup bottom bracket, custom 35mm stem, butted riser 560mm riser bar, lock-on grips and the sweetest hydraulic brakes to bring everything nicely to a conclusion.

MSRP: 1,349.99 EUR




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