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For the next bikepacking adventure the clever Fixplus strap will be a true asset: Fixplus is easy to use for a variety of use and will fix your luggage safe and secure even at strong vibrations and impacts. Being fully elastic and flexible it is extremely tearproof up to 90kg.


Cargo Cage


Cargo luggage carrier system made of aluminum for attachment to bottle cage or fork blade eyelets.

holder for lighter, round pieces of luggage e.g. sleeping bags, sleeping mats or mini tents

Sizes: S (three-hole mount), M (four-hole mount)

Numerous strap guides for secure fastening

Size: 160x75x45mm (S), 220x75x55mm (M)

Weight: 74g (S), 116g (M)

MSRP: 54,99 EUR

Eco-Fixplus Straps


Tear-resistant, elastic ECO strap for versatile use in bikepacking.

Material: recycled TPU plastic

Comfortable one-hand operation due to simple quick release fastener

Secure fastening and stable hold, even with strong vibrations and shocks

Tensile strength up to 40kg

Very durable: heat & cold resistant (-30°/+60°C), sea water resistant, UV resistant

Lengths: 35, 46, 66, 86cm

width: 2,3cm

Scope of delivery: 2 pcs.

MSRP: From 11,99 €

Fixplus Lock Set



Compact combination lock for securing a Fixplus strap.

Prevention of affect theft

Keyless locking thanks to numerical function

Strong, non-destructive security pin

Scope of delivery: combination lock, security pin

MSRP: 9,99 €




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