It takes two, baby…

Moto Bicycles from Berlin is a company in the two-wheeled sector.

It was founded in 2008 by BMX champion Alireza Barjesteh. Together with experts from machine and aircraft construction as well as from product design, he developed a new platform pedal for urban bikers and leisure cyclists. Unlike conventional platform pedals, it is much lighter and thinner. Despite the lack of pins, it is non-slip due to the grip tape.

The new pedal of the ideas forge Motobicycles is an innovation - high-tech, reduced to the max: the new pedal is reduced to the essentials and comes without a frills - pure design.


Urban Pedal



Surface size: 7.6x9.2cm

Pedal thread: 9/16”

UVP: 155.00 EUR

Colour Pedal



Surface size: 7.6x9.2cm

Pedal thread: 9/16”

Colors: black, white, red

UVP: 115.00 EUR

Reflex Midnight



CNC-machined hardened-steel axle that is corrosion-free and sturdy with reduced friction and weight

GFK-composite pedal platform shells that are high impact grade and designed eliminate dirt and debris in the bearings

Zinc-coated steel fasteners for corrosion resistance to ensure easy serviceability

Weather resistant and pigmented coarse grit griptape to optimize traction with all daily footwear

Reflective tape to increase visibility

Weight: 336g per Pair

UVP: 55.00 EUR

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