Producer of high quality tires with distinctive looks and a healthy dose of Swissness. That’s the concept onza® tires continues to live by in its tenth season. Such a young brand has already achieved some impressive results. Take former team rider Roger Rinderknecht, winner of the 2012 4X World Championship title, or Aaron Gwin, who became Downhill World Cup overall Champion in 2016 and 2017 onboard our Aquila tire. Wins in racing, positive tests in special interest magazines and word of mouth between enthusiasts out on the trails have all contributed to the ever increasing presence of onza® tires on bikes worldwide. These tires perform with the best in terms of traction, flat protection and weight. For 2019 you will see the work done with our team riders to develop some new products for Downhill and Enduro/Trail applications.




Aaron Gwin Signature Tire

Uninterrupted vertical channel and refined edge knobs for maximum bite

Aggressive braking edges with shallow sipes for added traction and feel

Center and side knob aligned for maximum cornering predictability and increased feel through mid-lean angles

Dual-Compound 55a/45a, VISCO GRP40

DHC Downhill Casing

Size: 27.5x2.40”

UVP: from 64.99 EUR



The perfect combination of efficiency, grip and speed

C3-Cross Country Casing


TPI: 60, 120

Size: 29x2.25”

Weight: from 680g

UVP: from 54.99 EUR



Allrounder tire with a very wide application field ranging from Tour, All Mountain or even E-Mountainbike use with our GRC casing technology

The tread pattern was updated for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound

The aggressive side knob shape paired with a soft 45a rubber offers loads of traction

Center knobs and their ramped shape, the PORCUPINE is rolling super smooth

The open tread profile with moderate spaces results in a great self-cleaning ability

Class leading durability

Tubeless Ready

TPI: 60

Sizes: 27.5”, 29”

Width: 2.4”, 2.6”

Weight: from 780g (27.5”)

UVP: 59.99 EUR

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