Believe that in order to improve a bike in the best possible way, it is necessary to make it really yours. iSSi models are a collection of high-performance pedals that can be adapted to your bike exactly to your ergonomic needs and colour preferences. It's your bike, so make it yours. Ride iSSi.


Flip II


Bushing & cartridge bearing, 56.5mm spindle length

Chromoly spindle, ED-coated

Standard 15mm wrench flats as well as 8mm hex broach

Black chrome hardware

Adjustable spring tension

4º cleat float

Clipless on one side, platform pedal on the other- Gewicht: 425g

Colors: blackout, silver dollar, iSSi pink, brilliant white, hi-vis yellow, orange you glad, violet, lime green, especially red, lichen green, teal

UVP: 79.99 EUR

Flash III


Chromoly spindle, ED-coated 8mm hex broach

52.5mm spindle length with +6mm and +12mm options available

SPD-compatible black chrome hardware

Adjustable spring tension

4º cleat float

Compatible with two-bolt style shoes

Weight: 342g

Colors: blackout, silver dollar, iSSi pink, lime green, hi-vis yellow, especially red, orange you glad, violet, lichen green, teal, bullion gold

UVP: 99.99 EUR



Bushing and sealed cartridge bearing for durability

ED-coated Chromoly spindle resists corrosion

Simple installation with a 8mm hex key

50mm spindle length

Stainless Steel cleat plate provides a solid pedal interface

Adjustable spring tension

0, 4.5, or 7° cleat float with 3-bolt split-cleat system- Gewicht: 266g

Colors: blackout, brilliant white, iSSi pink, hi-vis yellow, really red, sky blue, violet, mint gelato

UVP: 99.99 EUR

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