Die Rasenmaeher

Die Rasenmaeher – Holger Meyer & Karen Eller

After his friend from the USA gave Holger the essential things of mountain biking, he spent some time on the trails of Santa Barbara in California. There, he quickly realized that the challenge of biking lay in technically difficult passages. Back in Germany Holger started his career as a cross country rider in the Grundig Challenge Cup.
Holger was clearly one of the latter. After several years of professional downhill racings, he left the World Cup circus in 2000.

As a freerider for the Scott Pro team, he now pursues his activities. „It is important for me to give the soul of mountain biking to others.“ His racing experience and his sporting studies are now included in the workshops and events of the „rasenmäher“. More information at www.holgermeyer.de
– Born in Dortmund on July 30, 1968, studied sports science at the University of Bochum
– State ski instructor at the DSLV and Skiguide
– Mountainbiker of the first hour (since 1988)
– Successful downhill worldcup driver
– Member of the German Downhill National squad until 1998
– Expert in driving technology and freeride
– 6th place Masters World Championship in Canada

Karen has won three times the hardest mountainbike stage race in the world, the Transalp Challenge. She modeled several years as a sporting action model to enable her career as a mountain biker. On these trips, Karen always met interesting personalities and places. „The decision to make a job from my hobby and my passion required a lot of courage.“ Karen quit her job at a renowned advertising agency in Munich after she realized that nature and movement were too much. „The daily bureaucracy has paralyzed me and narrowed me. The so-called creativity was only a cover. For me, creativity means freedom. „That was the starting point for die Rasenmäher „. For Karen, life is a challenge. „The key to the secret of doing what you really want is the belief in yourself. I would like to pass along the great experience of mountain biking as an expert at our workshops and events.“
– Born on 14 April 1968 in Munich
– Studied business administration at the University of Hamburg with emphasis on marketing and law
– Houston Community College, USA 1988
– State-certified ski instructor in DSLV and Skiguide
– Since 1995 successful mountain biker
– Expert in mountain bike marathons
– Triple Transalp Challenge winner 1998, 1999, 2003
– Mountainbike marathons
– Transockies Challenge Winner 2004
– Trailscout training (DIMB)

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Mountain Biking with Holger Meyer & Karen