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Cane Creek


Cane Creek is deeply rooted in cycling. Our innovative heritage is as rich as the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround our company in North Carolina. Ideas that emerged within our walls were the introduction of helical control sets, winning AngleSet solutions, Double Barrel suspension platforms, and superior Climb Switch technology. All these innovations have proved to be a breakthrough for future bike development and performance. The approach to our product development illustrates our commitment to technology and craftsmanship. This often leads us to leave the conventional route, but we remain committed to driving innovation to offer the driver more and nothing less.


eeSilk Vorbau


Spring loaded stem with adjustable response

Reduces vibrations and thus leads to less fatigue with higher comfort

Material: aluminum

Suspension travel: up to 20mm

Lever for stepless adjustment of the response behavior

Lengths: 80, 90, 100mm

Stem angle: 6°

Handlebar clamping: 31.8mm

Incl. 3 elastomers

Weight: 225g (80mm)

MSRP: 299.99 EUR

Valt Lightweight Feder


Lightweight steel spring for spring damper.

Material: High Performance Steel

Weight reduction compared to conventional steel springs: 50-211g (depending on length and stroke)

Available in Standard & Progressive versions

Compatible with Cane Creek coil shocks and other manufacturers (may require converter clip)

MSRP: 99.99 EUR (Standard) | 129.99 EUR (Progressive)

Helm DJ


High-end air suspension fork for dirt jump and pump track in revised model generation MKII

Improved response through optimized cartridge, low viscosity oil and new SKF seals with MTRX technology, an oil-filled polymer matrix

Wheel size 27.5", 26

Suspension travel: 90mm

Rigid casting for greater tire clearance up to max. 65mm width and 714mm height

Stanchions: 35mm butted aluminum

Fork steerer: 1.5>1 1/8" tapered aluminum

Offset: 44mm

15x110mm QR15 thru axle with D-Loc closure

Disc brake mount: 7" post mount

Damping: closed shock cartridge in mono-tube design

Suspension: double air air suspension with independent positive and negative air chambers and mechanically adjustable negative spring

Adjustment options: High-Speed compression 10 clicks, Low-Speed compression 17 clicks, Low-Speed rebound 10 clicks.

Tool-free, internal air volume adjustment in 8 positions

weight: 2.140g

MSRP: 1.299 EUR




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