DVO is short for “Developed Suspension” and represents the mindset we have to engineer, design, and deliver fully developed suspension products that are 100%.

The brand, headquartered in Valencia, California, is backed by the former CEO of Marzocchi USA - Bryson Martin Sr. and a team of industry veterans such as suspension specialist Tom Rogers.

The philosophy of DVO focuses on the production of high-end products and on excellent customer service in the sense of a completely mature product. DVO - from drivers for drivers.


Sapphire 34 Boost


Travel: 27.5=130-150mm | 29=120-140mm

Stanchions: 34mm Tapered Alloy

Crown: 27.5= 42mm offset | 29= 44mm offset

Axle: 15x110mm

Wheel Size: 27.5 | 29

Weight: 1900 grams

Steerer Options: Tapered Alloy

Lowers: Magnesium, Disc Only

Colors: Black, Green, Blue

UVP: 899.99 EUR

Jade X



The ride possibilities and experiences are endless- the new X series will provide the means to explore them. Our most versatile platform yet features an all new T3 compression adjustment, a new rebound design, and a modern design aesthetic.

Damper: T3 Compression, Rebound, Bladder Pressure Adjust

Spring Features: Coil Spring Preload / Option of our LS Spring or regular steel spring

Sizes: 8.5x2.5, 7.875x2.25

UVP: 549.99 EUR

Onyx SC Boost


Adjustments: High/Low Speed Compression | Rebound | OTT

Travel: 160-180mm

Offset: 42mm

Axle to Crown: 575mm

Stanchions: 36mm Tapered Alloy

Wheel Size: 27.5

Axle: 15mm Boost

Steerer Options: Tapered Alloy

Lowers: Magnesium, Disc Only

Disc: Direct Mount 180mm

Color: Black, Green, Blue

UVP: 1,049.99 EUR

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