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If you could do it all over again, would you? Bryson Martin Sr. (DVO founder) did. History may know him as the man behind all the great products and innovations at Marzocchi Suspension for over 25 years. After a great run, it was time to start fresh. When the creative flow stops, something new is needed and DVO Suspension was born.

In 2012 the brand with three letters and a green box was created. A rider propelled company driven by the passion for high performance suspension. This was not to be a brand with a shallow logo, this was going to be a strong brand full of the personality and presence of the employees and customers. We are proud to say we have an amazing crew here that genuinely care for the brand. That same care goes straight to the riders that utilize every product we make. We strive to offer you, the rider, three important things; amazing customer service, a high quality & well made product, and a feeling of connection to the brand. When you ride DVO, you’re in the family and we will always treat you that way.


Jade X



High-End spring shock for Enduro

Damper: T3 compression, rebound, bladder pressure adjust

Spring features: Coil spring preload, option of our LS spring (light steel) or regular steel spring

MSRP: 569.99 EUR

Sapphire 34 D1


High End air fork for All-Mountain and Trail

Travel: 27.5”: 130-150mm, 29”=120-140mm

Wheel Size: 27.5”, 29”

Stanchions: 34mm Tapered Alloy

Crown: 27.5”: 42mm offset, 29”=44mm offset

Weight: 1,900g- Weight: 1,900g

Colors: black, green, blue

MSRP: from 749.99 EUR

Onyx SC D1


High-end air fork for Enduro Race

Travel: 160 – 180mm

Wheel size: 27.5“ / 29“

Stanchions: 36mm Tapered Allox

Offset: 42mm (27.5“), 44mm (29“)

Adjustments: High/Low Speed Compression / Rebound / OTT

Colors: black, green, blue

MSRP: from 899.99 EUR




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