White Industries

White Industries was founded in 1978 when owner and president, Doug White, had aspirations to develop, manufacture, and market bicycle products of his own design. One of the first products brought to the market was an elasticated leg band named Pegger which wrapped around ones pant leg keeping clothing free from chain grease. White Industries, however, was destined for much more. Doug, a master machinist by trade, utilized his training as a machinist and blended those skills with his passion for cycling creating the famous White Industries components known throughout the world today. All our products are manufactured in our Northern California manufacturing facility, and we are proud to be able to say that our components are made in the USA.


G30 crank




Material: 2024 Aluminium

Q-Factor: 171mm

Lengths: 165, 170, 172.5, 180mm

Weight: 570g

Color: polished silver, black

UVP: from 369.99 EUR




1.37x24tpi thread

16/18 Z., 17/19 Z., 20/22 Z.

Made in USA

UVP: from 109.99 EUR

Headset EC


High quality headset kit

EC34/28.6 | EC34/30, EC34/28.6 | EC44/30, EC34/28.6 | EC44/30, EC34/28.6 | EC44/33, EC34/28.6 | EC44/40 or EC34/28.6 | EC44/40

8 different colors

Made in USA

UVP: from 139.99 EUR

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