Although the first commercial Cycloc product was produced in 2006, it was actually developed several years earlier by company founder Andrew Lang to satisfy a personal need for storing bicycles at home.

A professional industrial designer and keen amateur cyclist, Andrew’s bicycle collection was booby-trapping his London apartment. As an appropriate solution could not be found, Andrew designed his own. This original concept, now named SOLO, has gone on to win numerous design awards and industry accolades.

The HERO is the latest addition to our family of five contemporary bike storage products. Our products offer smart, simple, cycle storage to suit all bike styles. They are the ideal solution for displaying and storing bikes in the home, office and retail settings.




Elegant and effortless cycle storage for home, office or retail display

Store your bike fast and fuss-free, horizontally or vertically

Secure 3-point concealed wall fixing

Rotates to suit different frame angles

Rubber contact points protect frame

Optional spacer included to accommodate wide bars

Convenient storage for accessories

Bike can be locked in place

Colors: white, black, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue

UVP: 74.99 EUR



Versatile - store bikes horizontally in left or right orientations

Facility to lock bike in place

Ideal for all bikes: children's, ladies', gents' and tandems

Perfect for home, office or retail display

Make efficient use of space with a tiered installation

Suitable for clipless or platform pedals

Discreet wheel rests protect walls from dirt and damage

Colors: white, black, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue

UVP: 54.99 EUR

Hobo Fold Flat


Bike display and workstand

Perfect for race pit preparation, pre-ride adjustments and cleaning

Pedal clearance allows crank to rotate

Fold flat design for convenient storage and transportation

Single button rotation, no tools required

Lightweight, high strength 35mm diameter aluminium tube

Wide triangular base provides stability

Ideal for servicing dropper posts, retail display and home storage

3 spacers supplied to suit your bottom bracket bore (12mm, 18mm and 20mm) shaft dia. 10mm

Load capacity 35kg

Farben: black, white, red

UVP: 99.99 EUR

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