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The company ranks among the world’ major representatives of metal- processing industry. The company develops its success with excellent synergies and three production segments (Hand tools, Forging and Sinter parts and Special machines) that provide the company with a balanced portfolio of activities. Reliable relations with suppliers are also a major success factor.

Unior began the work in the 21st century by meeting numerous demanding quality standards and standards for environmental management. The company already co-owned the steel factory in Štore and entered the American, Australian, Russian and Chinese markets with its own companies. Unior is the global brand of hand tools.


Hercules Mobile Workbench



Material: premium PLUS sheet metal

Central locking system with a lock and folding key

Lock with key included also foam keyring

Oil and acid resistant wheels of a diameter of 125mm, two with brake, which blocks spinning and rotating of the wheel

Full extension drawers with top quality ball-bearing slides

Opening and closing of drawers is very simple due to the uniform solution - drawer handle on the upper side enables users a synchronic grip and opening of a carriage drawer

Drawers with non-slip interior synthetic lining

Coated with eco colour of Qualicoat quality standard

7 front drawers (5x L 563 x W 365 x H 70mm, 2x L 563 x W 383 x H 150mm)

7 side drawers (5x L 374 x W 364 x H 70mm, 2x L 374 x W 364 x H 150mm)

Basic dimensions with handle and casters L 1182 x W 640 x H 955 mm

Total volume of drawers: 215 litres

Wooden worktop

Static load capacity of carriages without casters: 2300 kg

Dynamic load capacity of carriages: 550 kg

Capacity of side drawers: 25 kg

Capacity of front drawers: 45 kg

Drawers compatible with SOS tool trays 1/3, 2/3, 3/3

Perforated wall on the back side of the tool carriage allows hanging tools with tool hooks

As an accessories available also a spray holder for easy storage of sprays up to dia. 68mm, and a back door with a lock

MSRP: 1999.99 EUR

Crown Race Puller



The puller is a tool for quickly and precisely removing the headset crown race from 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/2" or 1-1/4" suspension or rigid front fork. To use, place the puller bush onto the front fork race and fix it by turning the nut. Turn the spindle attached to the steering column to pull the crown race from the fork. The product enables efficient race removal without the use of a hammer. It is intended for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Material: premium flex plus carbon steel

Surface finish: blacken to standard DIN 50938

Safe to use on aluminum, steel, titanium or carbon steerer tubes

Compatible with steerer tubes with maximum length of 380 mm

Collet for every steerer tube size from 1˝– 1.1/2˝

The entire system is packed in a custom cutout SOS foam tray, keeping things organized and clean

Lifetime warranty

Made in Europe

MSRP: 329.99 EUR

Chain Whip multi-/single-speed



Thanks to its ergonomic shape and long double dipped handle for leverage, this chain whip will disassemble cassettes with ease and without slippage. Made from laser cut tool steel and heat treated for strength and lasting performance. The tool is designed to work with either single-speed or multi-speed cassettes from 6– to 12–speed, including SRAM X-range cassettes.

Material: premium flex plus carbon steel

Surface finish: chrome plated according to ISO 1456:2009

Double plastic dipped handles

Magnet holds chain in place and makes the storage easier

MSRP: 43.49 EUR




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