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Der Professor

It`s me, DER Professor (even printed in my ID) aka Doitscha Maista. I`ve been riding bikes for at least 35 years now, but racing Mountainbike started 26 years ago – 1994. So it`s been a while, but what has happened? I can tell you, not a lot. Still Riding bikes. A lot. And fast. For pleasure and satisfaction.

It`s hard to describe my discipline within the mtb sport.

I still enjoy endurance and painful CC driven rides, but when skills downwards are mandatory, I start to grin even more intense. But you can`t give it a name. It`s the speed and roughness of a DH track, the challenge and fear of a high alpine death squealing hiking or climbing route, the airtime of a jump trail or the mixture of an enduro ride or even race.

But I even love cruising and commuting with my rusty old foldable bike and hitting the dirt roads with my cyclocrosser.

So in the end it summs up to I LOVE RIDING BIKES.
And I love to share this passion, this love.

Some people wonder what I do for living. And the answer is pretty simple, RIDING BIKES.

So I do a lot of testing for the German magazine “MountainBIKE” and do some photoshoots for them. I also give riding clinics, do guidings, produce videos and photos for different clients and in between, yes, I go riding bikes.

BUT, there`s one thing where I rarely ride my bikes, but to get there. It`s the basketball court where I am Walter, the Tiger.

Shure, I got a website, but don`t go there, it`s computer only, smartphone won`t work and it is so not updated – guess I am too buisy riding bikes.

In the end, it sums up and I guess I am a freak. A hippie bike punk freak with a bit too much energy.

Prof is supported by Formula, SixSixOne, DVO, Renthal, Lizard Skins, DMR and SDG from Cosmic Sports.


Spitzkehren mit dem MTB fahren – Fahrtechnikexperte Thomas Schmidt


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