Enduro Bearings

Enduro Bearings is one of the leading suppliers for ball bearings in the bicycle industry. The product range includes bicycle-specific ball bearings in various qualities and numerous sizes for full-suspension swivel joints, inner bearings, control sets, hubs, pedals and gears. All bearings have a dual-lip labyrinth seal for extreme conditions and are factory lubricated with high quality Rock' N' Roll Grease.

For this reason, the following bicycle manufacturers trust in the quality of Enduro Bearings: Trek, Santa Cruz, Intense, Cane Creek, Velomax, Easton, Kona, Titus, White Industries, e * thirteen, Yeti, Hadley, Zipp, Rocky Mountain, Iron Horse, Topollino, Spinergy, Crank Brothers, White Brothers, Syncros and Ellsworth.


Hub Press BRT-005



This tool set is for pressing bearings into hubs, pivots or some bottom brackets. Contains 12 bushings to fit all the major size bearings used in hubs and pivots.

UVP: 359.99 EUR



The TorqTite bottom bracket line is designed to replace any press fit type on the market. This means no more glue, paste or tape to try and keep things quiet. This unique and patent pending system uses a double threaded internal sleeve to tighten the right and left cups with two spanner wrenches and torque your bottom bracket tight on installation. No more movement or internal fretting of your bottom bracket against your carbon fiber or aluminum frame, just a tightened mechanical system eliminating annoying and unwanted noises. Noises and internal friction that can also sap energy and wattage output. TorqTite guarantees perfect parallel alignment between the bearings even if the frame is not perfectly straight, eliminating lost energy.

UVP: 369.99 EUR

Bind Hole Set BBT-100



This tool set allows you to pull bearings that are pressed into a housing as found in all hubs and pivots. Works with any bearing with an inside diameter between 8-40mm.

UVP: 313.99 EUR

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