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Enduro Bearings


Enduro Bearings is the leader in the bicycle industry for any type of bearing. Whether you are upgrading your bicycle drivetrain to the best bottom bracket and jockey wheels available with XD-15, or upgrading your suspension bike pivot bearings to our MAX type bearings, you will be rolling along faster and with less maintenance than ever before. Our design and testing of bearings is unsurpassed in the industry, supplying three Pro Cycling teams racing in the Tour de France, World Champions in cycle cross, and Mountain Bike World Cup, we constantly are getting feedback from the best riders in the world.


Hub Press



Multifunctional bearing press for a wide range of applications.

Suitable for mounting headset cups, bottom bracket cups, hub bearings and rear bearings

3 threaded rods with 2 different diameters

Long threaded rod suitable for pressing in headset cups

Short threaded rods for the remaining applications and compatible with EB8420 (BRT-005), EB8190 (BRT-002) and EB9040 (BRT-003) service tools

Aluminum handles with stainless steel end nuts with built-in plain bearings for smooth operation

MSRP: 549.99 EUR

Universal Pro Lagerauspresswerkzeug



Universal bearing removal tool

800g stainless steel glide hammer

9 high-quality stainless collets for 6-30mm inside diameter

550g hammer mallet with both soft polyurethane and brass mallet heads and a socket holder for lock-ring tools

MSRP: 549.99 EUR




The TorqTite bottom bracket line is designed to replace any press fit type on the market. This means no more glue, paste or tape to try and keep things quiet. This unique and patent pending system uses a double threaded internal sleeve to tighten the right and left cups with two spanner wrenches and torque your bottom bracket tight on installation. No more movement or internal fretting of your bottom bracket against your carbon fiber or aluminum frame, just a tightened mechanical system eliminating annoying and unwanted noises. Noises and internal friction that can also sap energy and wattage output. TorqTite guarantees perfect parallel alignment between the bearings even if the frame is not perfectly straight, eliminating lost energy.

MSRP: 369.99 EUR




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