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We are a Melbourne design brand creating urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors.

But we see “urban” as an attitude rather than a geography. Our products are not only for the city, or only for bikes, despite our cycling heritage. Urban to us is modern, progressive, youthful, design-driven, daring, and hedonistic. It’s not the opposite to rural, or outback, or backcountry – all of which can share these properties. We like to sprinkle some of this urban flavour across our cycling and outdoor products.

The culture at Knog is about expression. Hence the speech bubble in our logo. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinion and is given the opportunity to challenge the status quo.

We seek out what is boring, inconvenient, ugly etc and re-think how these simple - or complex - products look, feel and function. The famously simple Oi bell launched on Kickstarter, and the modular PWR range are examples of that spectrum of design.

In short, we’re more into revolution than evolution, shock and awe more than “aww”.


Blinder MOB StVO


Powerful bicycle light with white or red LED and integrated Lithium-Polymer battery

Light output: 80 lumen

Runtimes: front: high (1.7h), low (3.2h), back: High (7.9h)

Dimensions: front: 42x42x60mm, back: 42x42x55mm

100% waterproof

Weight: front: 41g, back: 39g

MSRP: 49.99 EUR

Oi Luxe


The new Oi Luxe is luxe in every sense of the word. It's CNC machined ringer and brass dinger, stitched 'vegan' leather shim and metal injection moulded stainless steel, make it a pleasure to have on your handlebars.

The Large Oi Luxe fits 23.8 - 31.8mm bars e.g. drop bar road bikes and some cruiser / commuters.

MRSP: 39.99 EUR

Cobber StVZO


High power COB LED bike rear light with 330° beam angle and side visibility

Max. light output: 55 (Mid), 35 (Lil`) Lumen

Red LED with chips-on-board technology (COB)

LiPo battery with intgrated USB recharging

Low battery indicator

3 (Mid), 2 (Lil`) light modes

Max. runtime: 5,5h (Mid), 2,1 (Lil')

Toolfree mount with velcro strap- 100% waterproof

MSRP: from 49.99 EUR




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