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We are a Melbourne design brand creating urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors.

But we see “urban” as an attitude rather than a geography. Our products are not only for the city, or only for bikes, despite our cycling heritage. Urban to us is modern, progressive, youthful, design-driven, daring, and hedonistic. It’s not the opposite to rural, or outback, or backcountry – all of which can share these properties. We like to sprinkle some of this urban flavour across our cycling and outdoor products.

The culture at Knog is about expression. Hence the speech bubble in our logo. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinion and is given the opportunity to challenge the status quo.

We seek out what is boring, inconvenient, ugly etc and re-think how these simple - or complex - products look, feel and function. The famously simple Oi bell launched on Kickstarter, and the modular PWR range are examples of that spectrum of design.

In short, we’re more into revolution than evolution, shock and awe more than “aww”.


Plus StVZO


Lightweight multifunction COB LED light for cycling, running, urban and outdoor sports.

StVZO approved

Red LED with chips-on-board technology (COB) in 2 light modes (high, low)

Integrated lithium polymer battery with built-in USB charging plug

Light output: 20 lumens (high), 11 lumens (low)

Visible up to 500m

Burn time: 3.5h (low), 2h (high)

Charge level/low battery indicator

Attaches with magnetic holder to seat post or frame or with clip to clothing or bag

Magnetic mount with tool-free Velcro strap attachment

100% waterproof

weight: 12g

Color: translucent

MSRP: 19,99 EUR

PWR Solar


Robust folding solar charger for outdoor use

Suitable for phones, smart watches, tablets, action cameras or the knog PWR ecosystem

Output: 10W

USB-A port

5 solar panels Sunpower Maxeon GEN which feature

Monocrystaline cells

Intelligent chip-technology for charging efficiency

Dual LED function for battery level and charging efficiency

Folding case with magnet closure and durable ETFE coating

Sturdy D-ring attachment

Size: 175x105x35mm (folded), 540x175x17mm (open)

Weight: 450g

MSRP: 99,99 EUR

SCOUT bike alarm- and finder


Integrated device with bike alarm and tracking capability

Motion-sensitive bike alarm with 85 decibels

Tracking via Apple "Where is?" App technology (tracking option for Android in planning)

Own Knog Scout app for alarm (de)activation, plus various setting options

Secure mounting via security screws, either discreetly under bottle cage or with neon yellow cover

Integrated, USB-C rechargeable battery with approx. 6 months runtime

Multi-functional LEDs for displaying pairing and activation status as well as battery level

Waterproof IP67 rating

Weight: 25g

MSRP: 59,99 €




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