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Revelate Designs


Eric Parsons founded Revelate Designs (originally Epic Designs) out of a passion for adventuring on two wheels. After a decade of adventuring with different setups, it was clear that some out of the box thinking using lightweight systems could be applied to the world of bike travel whether it be mountain, road, or with fat tires.

Armed with an industrial sewing machine in a basement and cutting fabric on the floor, Eric began sewing frame bags for fat-tire snow bike races, chiefly the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Demand grew quickly and after a few months the engineering job was left behind and he dove in head first designing and sewing bags for others who shared his adventure biking drive and needed functional, lightweight gear.

Revelate is still based in Anchorage Alaska, where the expansive wilderness offers endless adventuring and pushes a high design standard which we build our gear to excel in.

As a pioneer and forerunner, Revelate has innovated many of the systems and bag concepts found in the market today, namely handlebar harness systems with modular drybags and front pouches, stem-mounted feedbags, and modular drybag saddle bags. We pioneered the use of airpurge valves in our saddle bags and were the first to manufacture high quality production scale frame bags. In 2013 we were also the first to offer fully waterproof handlebar and seat bag systems.


Mag Tank


Single-handed access with effortless magnetic closure

Side panels stiffened with HDPE plastic sheets

Wrap around panel is padded with EVA closed cell foam

Interior lined with yellow fabric for greater visibility

Adjustable height daisy chain front attachment with a spacer block to clear stem clamp bolts

Beefy top tube strap has grippy material with double back wrap for bomber stability

Materials: Dimension Polyant VX-21 with abrasion resistant finish & 42 X-Pac; 420 denier yellow and red lining; closed cell foam padded tube sections. HDPE sheets

Volume: 55 in³ / .9 L

Weight: 4.5 oz / 128 grams

UVP: 79,99 EUR, 89,99 EUR (Bolt-On)

Pronghorn Handlebar-System


Race focused, lightweight handlebar system for the minimalist bikepacker

Internal fiberglass stay provides a stable, lightweight mounting platform

Dual cam locking straps integrated into handlebar mount secure your load

Volume: 7.5L (S), 11L (M), 23L (L)

Dimensions (HxWxL) of a closed bag with 4 rolls at closure: 11,4x16,5x41.9cm (S), 14x17,8x48.3cm (M), 19x21.6x61cm (L)

Weight: 200g (S), 227g (M), 255g (L)

MSRP: from 239.99 EUR

Mountain Feedbag


Super fast, one handed opening and closure with no fumbling to grab cord locks

Three external pockets for gels and trash

Three layer construction: outer fabric, foam and liner. Foam adds stiffness and insulates

Bright yellow interior liner snaps in place and is easily flipped for cleaning

Mounts to either side of stem with adjustable attachment points - run two for tons of storage

Easily used in combination with a Sweetroll or Harness handlebar system

Fits bike water bottles, Nalgene bottles, and bear spray cans

Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials

Materials: Dimension Polyant VX-21 with abrasion resistant finish; 420 denier yellow lining

Volume: 61 in³ / 1 L

Weight: 3.7 oz / 105 g

MSRP: 99,95 EUR




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