Ritchey's story began more than 35 years ago out of dissatisfaction with the parts that existed in his time. Heavy wheels and components that lacked functionality and elegance. With like-minded friends, Tom Ritchey created a new genre of bikes to race down Mount Tamalpais - mountain bikes. Over time, Tom's company Ritchey Design has expanded its product range to include numerous other components in addition to frames - innovative, light and stable products that meanwhile bring fun to generations of riders on the tracks. The inspiration for new parts often comes when Ritchey is riding on his bike. Together with his development team, Tom Ritchey puts his ideas into practice, striving to create ingenious improvements for existing products as well as breakthrough innovations. Thanks to decades of experience, a well thought-out design has been developed that defies fast-moving trends.


Kyote Bar



Bar for Bikepacking and adventure

Material: 6061 Alloy

Width: 800mm

Backsweep: 27.5°

Rise: 35mm

Weight 355 g

UVP: 36.95 EUR

Butano Comp Bar


Gravelbike- and adventure-bar


Material: 6061

Reach: 73mm, Drop: 118mm

Flare: 12°, Backsweep: 4°

Weight : 305 g (42)

UVP: from 44.95 EUR

Chicane Stem




Material: 3D Net-shape 7050er Aluminum

Clamping diameter: 31.8mm

Rise: -10°

Lengths: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm

UVP: 64.14 EUR

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